Mr. Nabembezi

Our Mission Statement

Missions Made Possible International is a non-profit foundation. We dedicate ourselves to helping children in poverty-stricken areas in third world countries and we strive to give each child whatever is needed for that child to survive and thrive. Our goal is to give each child an education that will allow that child to prosper and break the poverty cycle. A major portion of our mission is to teach morals and ethics by setting personal life style examples and have these principles be a part of every child’s daily life.

Our Goals for 2018 – 2019

The Kids Love Judy
The Kids Love Judy

About 4 years ago, Judy identified a primary school in Uganda that needed assistance from people who had the heart to want to help others. That school is a private school in a place called Mityana (Mee-tee-ah’nah) Town, about three hours from the nearest major city of Kampala. This school serves 400+ children, ages 5 to 15. Roughly 100+ of those children are orphans. The orphans are housed on site in separate boy’s and girl’s dormitories. The school was built 5 years ago by the headmaster’s father, Mr. Nabembezi. Daniel Kato, is the headmaster of the school. There are approximately 14 teachers employed by the school. Our goal for the 2019 year is to continue to assist the Nabembezi Primary School and all of its students. Mister Nabembezi (see photo above) was educated in England and then returned to Uganda to help further educate his countrymen. It would be impossible to meet him with realizing that he is intelligent, classy, and well-mannered. Even at 90, he takes daily walks around the school compound and stops to chat with us. For a detailed list of what we hope to accomplish during our brief visit, click here.