Giving Hope Where It’s Needed The Most — MMP International’s Ugandan Child Sponsorship Program

Currently, one family out of five in Uganda is living in poverty. Most families don’t have enough to provide basic necessities such as food, health, and education for their children. Most people in Uganda are working up to three jobs just to make ends meet. The highest rates of poverty have been recorded in the northern and eastern Uganda and the rural areas of the country.

With these extreme levels of poverty, many of the children slip through cracks and end up living on the fringes of society. A lot of the orphans end up in the streets, begging to get food each day. These beautiful souls end up becoming sick and even dying due to lack of proper care and nourishment in many cases. MMP International’s unique and compassionate sponsorship program targets these areas and strives to address the needs of these kids where they live.

Sponsor a Dream for a Better Future!

With a very little contribution on your part, you can change the life of a child in Uganda for the better. For just a dollar a day, you can save the childhood of an orphan. With your donation, we will provide the child you sponsor with:

  • Vital health care
  • Healthy and fresh food
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Quality education and skills training, such as sewing and growing their own food
  • Access to clean water
  • Clothing
  • And much more.

You can simply choose a child from our database of children in need and become their sponsors instantly. You will also have the chance to correspond with them by exchanging letters and pictures whenever you want to. You will also get regular updates regarding how your money is being used to create a better life and future for that child. With a simple decision and a small donation each month, you’ll become a symbol of hope for a deserving child in Uganda!

Get in touch with us and find out how you can sponsor a child in Africa or click here to donate to Missions Made Possible International!