Empowering the Children in Uganda through Education!

Access to education is one of the basic rights of every child. It can give you the right knowledge and skills along with the confidence to create a better future for the coming generations. As Nelson Mandela once said,

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

However, the sad reality of the world today is that thousands of children don’t have access to educational institutions. Countless children in Africa can’t afford food, let alone quality education. Going to school in Uganda can be a huge change, especially for orphans. While the government announced free primary education for all children in 1997, they’re unable to meet the demand of a huge number of poor and orphan children in Uganda.

Support Missions Made Possible International and Send the Ugandan Children to School!

Four years ago, Judy Grim, the founder of Missions Made Possible International, identified a primary school in Uganda that needed her help. Since then she has dedicated herself along with a team of inspiring people to provide the means for quality education for the children in Uganda. MMP International has been successful in obtaining the necessary funding required to provide quality education for over 400 children. Out of those, more than a hundred children are orphans and live in the hostels provided by the school.

With generous donations from selfless people, the MMP International team has been able to supply the funding necessary to employee teachers, provide teaching aid, offer school lunches, and deliver supplies required to run the dormitories that house the children. Their goal is to continue to assist the Nabembezi Primary School with the help of people like you!

So do your part and save the future of orphan children in Uganda. We provide all kind of medical and school supplies such as bunk beds, bedding, mosquito netting, clothing, mattresses, toys, food, and more for the primary school. This can’t be possible without the support and help from kindhearted people like you. Whether you’re already involved with a charity, or you wish to answer the calling to change someone’s life, your contribution can make a huge difference.

Click here to donate today and become a part of sending children to school in Uganda!