Giving Hope to the Children of Uganda through Your Donations!

Each year, families in Uganda struggle to provide basic necessities to their children such as healthcare, nutritious food, and education. The rampant spread of diseases such as diarrhea and malaria—due to improper care—takes a major toll on the health of the Ugandan children. Children are facing terrible conditions where they are subject to dismal humanitarian conditions, violence, poverty, and lack of food. The influx of refugees and the growing number of orphan children is adding to the challenges faced by the most vulnerable in the African country.

Missions Made Possible International has been working hard for almost ten years now to assist Ugandan children. We are one of the fastest growing charities that symbolize hope for Ugandan children by providing them with the necessities that will improve their quality of life. We are working hard to provide access to healthcare, nutritious food, and education for Ugandan children. MMP International provides aid for primary schools and offers necessary life skills training to empower the students.

You can become a part of our project and change the lives of hundreds of people. Donate today and contribute toward a better tomorrow!  

Want to assist the children of Uganda? There are numerous ways to help.


Simply put, many of these projects just couldn’t happen without the financial support of those who have the gift of giving. We provide things including, but not limited to, medical and school supplies, dolls, bunk beds, sheets, blankets, mosquito netting, mattresses, clothing, and more, to the children we visit. So, whether you’re serving in the field or providing financial support, your contribution is very important.

Two Ways to Pay:

Send a check to:
Missions Made Possible International, Inc.
5562 Central Ave. #5
St. Petersburg, FL 33707

Credit Card Donation:

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