Research states that the first few years of a child’s life are extremely important for their physical, emotional and cognitive growth.

The National Endowment for the Arts published a report stating that art can help enhance the process of development and growth in children from birth to the age of eight years. Participating in arts in early childhood has both, social and emotional benefits.

Let’s discuss the importance of art in child development.

Motor Skills

Art requires children to carry out a range of motions; they learn to hold a paintbrush, color with a crayon and draw with a pencil. This way, children enhance their motor skills from a very young age. Research conducted by National Institutes of Health states that, drawing a circle and using safety scissors are considered the most important developmental milestones for children of 3 years of age.

Communication Skills

Art can help a child develop communication skills as it provides them a means of expression through which they can share their feelings, thoughts and emotions with others.

Language Development

Making art also gives children the opportunity to learn new words. They learn the names of different shapes and colors and gradually develop the ability to explain their ideas and creativity to others using descriptive words.

 Language Development

Visual Learning

If you have a young child in your family, you might have experienced the surprise that comes with watching a toddler use a smartphone. How can they operate the electronic device when they don’t even know how to read?

The answer is visual cues. Children can develop visual-spatial skills from a young age. To help them enhance this ability and learn how to critique, interpret and make decisions based on visual information, it’s extremely important to engage them with arts and other creative activities.

Problem-Solving Skills

Art provides children a chance to make important decisions and solve problems. They learn through experimenting with different ideas and colors to find the best way to express themselves. This helps children improve their problem-solving skills that come in handy in the future.

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